[Announcement] Advice of Yushanfang ODPS and Yushanfang Edition RDS Charge
Efficient Data Aggregation
Easy-to-use Analysis & Development Platform
Personalized Safeguard
Extensive Business Scenarios
  • Integrate entire network data of Ali
  • Connect on-line data with off-line data
  • Introduce third-party data
  • Obtain value from data aggregation
  • Powerful custom analysis tools
  • Easy and fast to get started
  • Elastic cloud resources
  • Various development languages and tools
  • Third-party authority evaluation and certificate authority review
  • Powerful permission management system
  • Diversified data security tools
  • Resolve business problems in production processes for brand owners
  • Promote precise service ability for service providers
  • Improve traffic monetization of mobile Internet and increase retention rate of users
  • Provide scientific researchers with platforms to implement algorithms for real-world business

Know how they obtain values from Yushanfang

Beginner's Guide

Beginner's Guide
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